Word Lists for Secure Passphrases

Formilab.ch word lists:
* 3-letter words (0741 entries)
* 4-letter words (2478 entries)
* 5-letter words (4075 entries)
* 6-letter words (5946 entries)
* 7-letter words (7016 entries)
* 8-letter words (7154 entries)
All of the Above, in one list (27,410 entries)

WordFind.com Scrabble word lists:
* Scrabble 3-letter words (1063 entries)
* Scrabble 4-letter words (4030 entries)
* Scrabble 5-letter words (8938 entries)
* Scrabble 6-letter words (15,788 entries)
* Scrabble 7-letter words (24,029 entries)
Scrabble All 3-7 letter words (53,848 entries)

Other word lists:
* 10,000 words (1 to 18 letters)
* Electrum word list (2048 entries)
* NXT word list (1626 entries)
* Siacoin word list (1626 entries)

All of the Above as One Master List (65,300 entries)

Diceware word lists:
* Diceware official word list (7776 entries)
* Alan Beale alternate Diceware list (7776 entries)
* Combined Diceware list (7776 entries) - Official list plus Beale list minus: entries with non-letter characters, abbreviations, obscure words, entries too similar to other entries, and anything shorter than 3 letters.
* Improved Diceware list (7776 entries) - New list - longer words (3 to 10 letters) that are more familiar and easier to remember; choose by throwing 5 dice.
* Diceware: All Four Versions (7776 x 4) - a tab-delimited database file, numbered in base 6 from 11111 to 66666, with the Official list, Beale list, Combined list, and Improved list. Choose which of 4 words you prefer for each randomly selected number.

Playing Cards Passphrase method:
* PCP 10k word list - short (10,000 entries) 3- to 5-letter words; many obscure words; no symbols or digits (other than a dash). List contains 1,000 three-letter words, 4,000 four-letter words, and 5,000 five-letter words.
* PCP 10k word list - long (10,000 entries) 3- to 10-letter words; fewer obscure words; no symbols or digits (other than a dash).
* Both PCP 10k word lists - choose which of 2 words you prefer for each randomly selected number. 16,281 unique words across the two lists.
-- Both PCP 10k word lists in Microsoft Word format (.docx) for printing (24 pages)
* PCP 65,555 word list - this longer list allows an 8-word passphrase to have 128-bit security. All three PCP word lists are in the public domain.

--- All of the Above as a Zip file ---

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
* 7776 wordlist for diceware
* short wordlist #1
* short wordlist #2

Hexidecimal Word Lists
* 4-hex character word list (65,536 entries)
* 3-hex character word list (4,096 entries)
Either word list can be used to convert a series of hex characters into a passphrase. The 4096 entry word list can also be used to create a random passphrase. The entries (3 to 6 characters) were chosen for easy memorization.
* 4,096 word list (numbered in decimal format) A passphrase with 12 words from a list with 4096 entries provides 144 bits of entropy (meaning that 2^144 is size of the keyspace).

Online Random Word or Phrase Generators:
* Street and Road Name Generator - Take 85,000 unique street names. Sprinkle with suffixes and prefixes. Millions of combinations are possible.
* City & Town Name Generator - uses a database of over five million names across more than 100 countries.
* Modern Name Generator - randomly selects from 150,000 surnames and over 4000 female and 1200 male first names.

For 128-bit security (128 bits of entropy), with no repeated words in the passphrase, you need one of the following:
* a word list with 927 entries and a 13-word passphrase
* a word list with 1,632 entries and a 12-word passphrase
* a word list with 3,189 entries and an 11-word passphrase
* a word list with 7,137 entries and a 10-word passphrase
* a word list with 19,117 entries and a 9-word passphrase
* a word list with 65,540 entries and an 8-word passphrase

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