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    The Concept:

A simple curated list of cryptocurrency-related websites. The simple web design and limited graphics means that the pages load fast. There are no pop-over graphics to annoy you.

We do not use or set cookies or any similar coding. We do not track visitors to the site.

Our Crypto Start Page is a single-page list of the most useful links in the cryptoworld: news, exchanges, blockchain explorers, wallets, articles, and more.

Add your cryptocurrency-related website to the directory for a one-time fee. No recurring expenses.

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This website helps the reader access information on cryptocurrency. But what you do with that info is your own responsibility.

     A Note About Cryptocurrency:

The cryptocurrency world is based on a new technology. The first cryptocurrency was Bitcoin, which began with the mining of the first block of any blockchain in January of 2009. We are approaching the ten-year anniversary of Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies are newer, and their code and concepts even less well-tested.

It is possible for the cryptocurrency system to collapse, either in its entirety or in any particular form it might take. There are many ways this could happen. But the reader is cautioned that any investment in any type of cyptocurrency or related project is more volatile than other investments by far.

The founder and owner of WebPlaces.org takes no responsibility for the information or claims on any of the listed websites. Some websites might contain incorrect information, overly-optimistic claims, or outright falsehoods. ICOs in particular are very risky. The best ICOs may collapse and become worthless, without any ill intent by anyone. Some few ICOs are outright scams. WebPlaces.org does not have the resources to vet ICOs or other listings on this site.

Use great caution and your own good judgment.


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