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----- Banner Advertising on any page of this site -----

    Promote your Cryptocurrency Website:

Option 1 -- Add Your Site to this directory for on one-time fee. Your listing remains on the site indefinitely.

Option 2 -- Purchase Banner Advertising.

Cost: $25 per month per page, except for the main page (home) which costs $50 per month, and the ICO page, which costs $75 per month.

Banners must not contain animation, flashing, or distracting movement. A slow transition from one image to another is permitted.

Size of the banner must be no higher than 90 pixels and no wider than 750 pixels.

Payment is by PayPal or by any of the following cryptocurrencies:
Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash.
You will receive a PayPal invoice or a cryptocurrency address by e-mail once your ad is accepted.

     Terms and Conditions:

Banner ads must be submitted for approval in advance of the ad run.

We reserve the right to decline any banner ad for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all (but not for an illegal reason).

E-mail your request for banner advertising to:

Include the following information:
* page the ad will be linked to
* sample of the banner (or initial text description of the banner, with graphic to be sent later)
* which directory pages you would like to carry the banner
* length of ad run
* preferred method of payment.


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